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Welcome to The Poplar Social Club

Please make yourself comfortable and be prepared to be transported.

Here, at The Poplar Social Club we are completely dedicated to and somewhat obsessed with the craft of the cocktail in an environment with more than a tip of the hat to days gone by when ladies were dames and men were gents.

This is a speakeasy, an establishment borne from the time when Prohibition was in force and selling alcoholic beverages was fraught with danger.

Speakeasies were unlicensed saloons, so called because of the practice of “speaking easy” about such a place in public, or when inside, so as not to alert passing constabulary or neighbours. Speakeasies sported elaborate warning systems, yet despite these precautions, were frequently raided by Bureau of Prohibition agents and police and therefore required concealed passageways to provide escape. These hidden escapes were designed to lead patrons out to street level up to a block away to evade arrest. Many were so profitable they flourished despite being illegal and secretive. Selective memberships were sold to a “Social Club” as a ruse to purchase alcohol within the establishment.

Our Cocktails

Our Prohibition Originals celebrate ‘classic’ cocktails which venerate the raw ingredients, while mixes on the New Pansy list were designed to mask the taste of rough moonshine. Finally our 21st Amendment List are those modern cocktails which bring cocktail making into a new level of art form, courtesy of our Cocktail Maestro, Charles.

Of course if you have a favourite cocktail not listed here please talk to our bartenders who will be seriously happy to discuss any other libations of which you may prefer to partake.

Our award-winning bartender, Charles, is constantly experimenting with new recipes and ingredients. Not sure exactly what you want? Spin the Wheel and let us mix you something within or out of your usual repertoire. You can also select something from our wine list, our rotating beer selection, and deep spirit list. Complement your cocktail, beer or wine with something from our ingredient-driven bar snacks menu.

Our Food

Especially designed with cocktails in mind, Chef Tristin’s menu offers small plates, sharing plates alongside pizza and main dishes. Ask us to match the food and drink offerings that will surprise and delight your taste buds!

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Our Premium Liquor

Sometimes you just want to hear the satisfying “clunk” of ice in great glassware as you savour a single grain malt in a decadent setting. Our deep selection of “top shelf” spirits is guaranteed to satisfy. We’ve got your back!

Our Fine Wine

Thanks to our friends in the Emerald Room through the hidden door behind the bar, we have the most incredible selection of wines from around the world. You won’t find a list as extensive as this anywhere else in Christchurch

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